Fractional Executives

Through a proprietary matching process during onboarding, we match each new business with the best-fit fractional executive for your needs.

For midsize

For startups


 yrs. experience

C-level marketer

Glenn Rothenberg

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Leadership Roles

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Glenn is an experienced marketer who provides leadership to new product and innovation initiatives for consumer services, technology, financial services, and start-up companies. During his career, he has led marketing, product development, and digital strategy for companies that include Farmers Life Insurance, T-Mobile, Washington Mutual, and United PanAm Financial Corp.

He operates easily in fast-paced and fluid environments to introduce products, pioneer distribution channels, establish new divisions, build new ventures, and re-focus organizations toward customer-centricity and digital transformation. Glenn is an experienced “intrapreneur” who has helped corporations conceive and launch subsidiaries and new business divisions that capture emerging market opportunities.