Propel Acquires BlackGreyGold Advisory and Rebrands as PropelDay

With this acquisition, we have added Fractional Chief Operating Officer solutions to our leading network of Fractional Chief Marketing Officers. Our rebrand reflects our tagline and motto: Move forward today. Read on to learn more about this expansion, our rebrand, and the two new leaders who have joined our team.

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The setting was downtown Nashville, Tennessee. A vibrant, energetic, and sun-filled fall morning in 2022. This is how one could describe the morning walk and a phone conversation between Gregory Bailey, founder and CEO of PropelDay and Matthew Hargrove. The two discussed the growth and opportunity that Propel (at the time) was experiencing. Dallas-based Hargrove and his business partner, Nashville-based Barry Lingelbach, had built a Fractional Chief Operating Officer business. The conversation finished with the two sensing the possibilities and opportunity that has led us to today.

Today's Announcement

We are excited to announce that Propel has acquired BlackGreyGold Advisory and rebranded as PropelDay.

As a part of the acquisition, Barry Lingelbach and Matthew Hargrove have joined PropelDay as Managing Partners responsible for growing the company’s new Fractional COO solutions.

“We are excited to have Barry and Matthew, two highly experienced leaders and operators, join our rapidly growing team of fractional executives,” said Gregory Bailey, CEO of PropelDay. “In addition to our fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) solutions, our Fractional COO solutions will be tremendously valuable to business clients by helping them scale and optimize their growth. We’re moving forward and expanding how we help businesses grow.”

As the company expands beyond Fractional CMOs and expert marketing freelancers, it is also rebranding. Beginning today, the company is known as PropelDay and changes its website address to The new brand name is a nod to the company’s tagline and motto – move forward today. And while PropelDay is a new name, the company’s mission remains the same – to power innovative growth for its business clients with world-class fractional talent.

"We are excited to join PropelDay as Managing Partners and look forward to working with our team to drive expansion and growth for our customers," said Barry Lingelbach. “Our Fractional COO solutions provide a flexible and cost-effective way for companies needing to improve operations and profitable growth. By leveraging the expertise of a seasoned COO on a part-time basis, businesses can achieve the operational efficiencies and strategic insights they need to thrive in today's competitive marketplace."

We hope you'll join us on this journey as we continue to write the story about PropelDay.