CEOs say Marketing Owns their Growth Plans

In a recent study of 260 global CEOs, 83% said marketing is seen as a major driver of growth.

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In a recent study of 260 global CEOs, 83% said marketing is seen as a major driver of growth.

In a recent McKinsey study of 260 global CEOs, 83% said marketing is seen as a major driver of growth. And as the leader of marketing, the fractional executive is a critical role for your organization and is a key member of your company's c-suite team. At PropelDay, we think of the fractional executive as the CEOs most valuable and versatile ally and an important conduit between the c- suite and your customers. In addition to crafting creative campaigns, communicating messages, and leveraging data analytics to scientifically generate your next leads – today's marketing leadership is much more.

Nowadays, the role of fractional executive is often the c-suite's most valuable cross-functional leader, helping to connect consumer and customer pains, desires, and buyer behaviors with various parts of your organization. One of the fractional executives most valuable roles is to develop deep and productive working relationships with the other areas of the c-suite – for example, the CFO, the leader of HR, the CTO and of course the CEO.

Through these working relationships the fractional executive and her c-suite partners can infuse marketing with all the areas of the business to deliver the best, most innovative and strongest marketing strategy possible. This marketing strategy – we call it the PropelDay Marketing Plan – is imbued with the collaboration and support of all the c-suite partners.

But it's not just any Chief Marketing Officer that can lead your company to develop this type of innovative marketing strategy that brings the company to the promised land of achieving the business' growth objectives.

Unifiers as Fractional Executives

Fractional executives who are naturals at cross-functional teamwork are often referred to in the McKinsey study as unifiers. This type of fractional executive powers the ongoing partnership and collaboration amongst the other c-suite leaders of your company. They speak the language of their peers. They seek advice and counsel from other areas of the business. They focus on both the big picture strategy and the details of the execution plans. They have significant P&L experience, and they work to establish shared vision and accountability.

Why PropelDay

At PropelDay, we make our clients a promise. We call it the PropelDay Promise.

We’ll make your business matter to your customers and make marketing matter to your business.

Each of our fractional executives are tested and trusted. We’ve been in the boardrooms and marketing trenches of the nation’s top brands and on the ground-level with successful startups.

We are experienced and enthusiastic professionals who are energized by new challenges. And we can’t wait to get to work for you. So reach out and schedule a complimentary conversation about our fractional executive services.