With this acquisition, we have added Fractional Chief Operating Officer solutions to our leading network of Fractional Chief Marketing Officers. Our rebrand reflects our tagline and motto: Move forward today. Read on to learn more about this expansion, our rebrand, and the two new leaders who have joined our team.

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Power Growth

Read on to discover a few reasons why your business' marketing budget should be 9% of annual revenue or more in 2023.

Power Growth

It's important to understand the ever-changing trends in the digital landscape and the strategies needed to create an effective and engaging presence for your social media channels.


Charlotte-based Moura brings extensive startup marketing leadership experience to rapidly growing PropelDay.

Power Growth

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Thought Leadership

One of the main benefits of using a fractional executive includes getting the best senior-level talent and expertise on your team without the time, effort, and expense of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring a full-time executive.