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About Us

Dan and Nate have a deep-seated passion to do something great and make a positive impact on the world. They’ve brought a unique and powerful partnership to the world of personal development and coaching, taking you “beyond the feel good” of simple self-help.

Our Mission

To provide cutting-edge tools, coaching and inspiration to those actively pursuing their best self and creating an extraordinary life!

The System

PropelDay is a Self-Coaching system of accountable action, friendly competition and a growing community moving in a positive direction together. This powerful combination provides the tools, coaching and support it takes to change your life.

Just after a week of competing in the challenge, I am really seeing some measurable personal and business results! The challenge helps me focus on actions I normally struggle with and build a new and stronger foundation for myself.


A shout-out and many thanks are due to Dan and Nate for all you’ve done setting up and enhancing the site, to provide us the opportunity of a friendly fun competition where everyone wins moving forward towards our goals and dreams.


“Positive Inputs” may be the #1 most important key to your success. Nothing happens without action, but to take this resilient, consistent and often uncomfortable action you must get right mentally. Too many of us walk through life with limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in. We’re here to change that. The PropelDay Podcast is a great source of new ideas and inspiration to help you live each day empowered. Whether on your daily commute, at the gym, during your lunch break or while walking the dog, tune in for a daily shot of positive energy.