Better Habits, Building Better Habits, Goal Tracking, Self Coaching, Daily Motivation, Productivity Tools, 90 Day ChallengeIt’s day 27 of my new early morning routine and although I didn’t get up before 6 today, I did start my day before sunrise again. Went to bed after 11 last night and as I’ve stated that’s got to change. I’ve got this before sunrise thing under control it seems, but getting up even earlier as is my newer goal may very well be determined by my bedtime. I need to do better.

All in all though life is pretty darn good and is absolutely getting better. Twenty years of feeding my mind empowering ideas and energy has transformed my thinking, my actions and my life. I enjoy a basic belief system about life that is not common among most people. For example, I know so deeply that everything in my life works out in the end and if it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end. Do you know how I know that. Because everything keeps working out. And if they haven’t yet, it’s clearly not the end and nothing to stress about.

I decided a long time ago that I’m getting better with age. That was a choice. I love the fact that I’m getting older. And because this is part of my belief system, I do the things that will create it. Everything from this PropelDay project and community, to my health, finances and relationships just keep getting better. That doesn’t mean that I’m not frustrated many days, I am. Or that I don’t wish things would happen faster, I do. It also doesn’t mean that people would notice me or my lifestyle as something great that they’d like to emulate, I doubt that would happen much at all right now. But internally, I know where I’m at and where I’m going and that feels great.

You can also feel like this. When you look at your life you too can say with conviction and a grin “Everything just keeps getting better”. It’s a mindset. It’s a daily routine. It’s something that you create by the day to day actions you take and understanding that something good always comes from doing the right things, regardless of what temporary results may show. And it comes from feeding your mind the ideas and concepts that inevitably create a belief system that empowers you. As your thinking gets better, your attitude towards life improves and you perceive things differently. You see life different because it is different and it is different because you see it different. Perceptually and concretely. And whether that is or is not the same thing we’ll save for another discussion.

From here on out I won’t be updating you every day on my early morning awakenings. I’ll keep you in the loop once in awhile though so you know I didn’t fall off the wagon and to help hold myself accountable. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago though, I will continue to blog each day. That is a huge bonus-habit that has come from all this and I’m excited to keep it going. Sometimes it’ll be more of a personal journal entry than a typical blog while other times it may be a message from the PropelDay Podcast. We’ll just see what happens.

Have an outstanding day and I’ll talk to you again tomorrow before sunrise. :  )