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I’m hanging on barely with getting up early the past couple days BECAUSE I’ve been going to bed close to midnight the nights before. This has definitely sabotaged my plans of waking up at 5:55 like I had mentioned I wanted to do a few days ago. I could have forced myself to get up anyway, but honestly I knew that I needed the sleep. There’s always a sacrifice. And in this case I could have sacrificed sleep and therefor health to a certain degree or that extra hour in the morning of productivity. Ouch, I don’t like the sound of either of those actually. Although I was very productive last night, the sacrifice that needs to happen is to give up that extra hour or two at night. Which leads me to one of the basic points that inspired this new habit in the first place, and that’s the belief that the same 2 hours in the early morning will be way more productive for me than those same 2 hours late at night.

There’s always a sacrifice and there’s always a “because”. Things like sleeping-in, feeling run down or missing your workout don’t just happen. They happen because something came before that to cause it to happen. It’s not a victim of circumstance. It’s a matter of cause and effect. It’s the horse before the carriage that drives that carriage. And yes, if you’re following along at home, I am well aware that that is the third time I’ve brought up this metaphor in the past week or so. But if it works, it works. Just envision the daily habit you’d like to create being the carriage. Understand that it’s not a self-propelled magical carriage but that it’s being pulled by something else. Your goal is either moving forward, stuck in the mud or getting lost in the woods because of what’s dragging it. Because of the horse. The carriage goes where the horse goes. You just need to figure out what specific action or choice represents that horse. What action or choice that comes before is either setting you up to succeed or fail with this new habit? For example, going to bed too late directly effects my attempts at developing a productive early morning routine. Things don’t just happen to you, they happen because of you.