Goal Setting Mistakes, Self Coaching, Goal Tracking, Daily Motivation, Habit Tracker, Productivity Tools, Fotness Challenge, 90 Day Challenge, Better HabitsDay 31 and up at 6 o’clock, an hour before sunrise, with just enough energy to get to the couch in the family room where I found myself waking up 30 minutes later. This morning was a struggle. I went to bed at 10pm which was two hours earlier than I have the past couple nights, but somehow that didn’t make it any easier. But here I am slowly regaining consciousness and excited to get this day rollin’. Speaking of consciousness, who was the genius who thought it was a good plan for me to write this blog first thing in the morning each day? I’m going to have to talk with my publicist or agent about that. You wouldn’t think someones best work would come before their brain is fully functioning, right? That seems like a fair statement to make. Though on the other hand, I’m not as bogged down by over-thinking and pre-conceived statements. Most of the time I’m just shooting from the hip and whatever comes from it comes from it. In fact, last night before bed I was asking myself what the heck I was going to write about this morning. My next thought was zzzzzzzzzz.

But there’s a point there too, something I talk about often on the podcast. You don’t have to have everything figured out before you commit to doing something. Take that next step and see what happens, adjust, and step again. You don’t just stop the car when you come to a curve because you can’t see what’s around the other side of it. You’ll see by getting there, not by guessing and speculating. I suppose you could do a study and put together a 120 page plan on what you expect to happen, but in the meantime you’re still hanging out before the curve. Just get going. Sure, you’ll hit a pothole or two, but you’ll be fine. You’ll figure it out. Like I did this journal entry kinda sorta.

That’s all I got. Talk to you again tomorrow before sunrise. :  )