Self Coaching, Goal Tracking, Daily Motivation, Habit Tracker, Productivity Tools, Fotness Challenge, 90 Day Challenge, Better HabitsI have good news and bad news. I’ve been sleeping in more and more the last 5 days or so, not getting up at first alarm, but the good news is that sleeping-in for me now still means that I’m getting up before or at the very beginning of sunrise. It’s just that the time of sunrise keeps changing and this time of year it getting later and later. I’m still not using snooze though, so after that first alarm I do have enough control to not fall in a deep sleep again, but that still seems like a dangerous game to play. I think I’m fine with waking up with the sunrise as opposed to at least 30 minutes before as I started out doing. But when we get to the time of year when the time starts getting earlier again I wonder how easy that will be for me. Will I be “in-tune” to the natural cycle of the sun rising or will it be a huge struggle all over again. And even as I continue my streak and build this solid habit, if I’m getting up later and later with the sun, I’m losing time in my morning. Extremely valuable time. Maybe the most valuable time of the day. And just like that I may have talked myself out of being fine with my latest tendencies. I may need to change my goal to waking up before 6:00am, becoming a solid member of the “6 o’clock club”, rather than basing my timing on the sunrise. Honestly, the last few days have felt better in the morning though. Is this just because I’m getting 30 or 40 minutes more sleep or does it have more to do with natural sleep cycles. Hmmmmm… the research continues.

I’ll talk to you again tomorrow before sunrise or earlier. :  )

ps. It’s almost embarrassing to use Michael Jordan’s jersey as the 23 today, because the energy of this post was anything but the hyper-competitive, relentless attack, need to be great attitude that he brought to the game of basketball and from what I’ve heard, to every other aspect of his life. That’s simply how he’s wired. And with that I think it’s pretty safe to say that he get’s up earlier than most. I’ll talk more about this tomorrow.

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