Self Coaching, Goal Tracking, Daily Motivation, Habit Tracker, Productivity Tools, Fotness Challenge, 90 Day Challenge, Better HabitsSunrise is officially at 7:13 today, Saturday Oct 4th. So even though I slept till 6:55, I kept the streak alive. And I woke pretty easily too, which has been the goal all along. Based on what I talked about yesterday though, this is not good enough. I need to get my day started earlier, not lose that extra time in the morning just because the sun is now rising later. So from here on out my goal is not to beat the rise of the sun, but to start my day at 5:55am. That’s what I did for the first 15 or so days of this habit, even while on vacation in Seattle. Just need to get back on it. Period.

The S8 PropelDay Challenge starts in a week, which will serve as the perfect opportunity to continue building this habit. If you have a goal or habit you’d like to develop or if you’re just looking for some positive change in your life, this is a great opportunity for you as well. The Challenge will help you develop a winning routine, stay accountable, connect with an empowered community and have fun doing it. And if you stick with it, it’ll be virtually impossible not to improve your life in some way. If you do the right things and you do them for long enough, life get’s better. It just does. There’s no way for it not to get better. Learn more, start your Free Trial or sign-up for the Challenge by clicking here. If you need something to change in your life, you need to change something you do daily. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to do that.

Talk to you again tomorrow BEFORE 6am! :  )

***In case you missed it, you can read about the first 22 days of this habit at