Goal Setting Mistakes, Self Coaching, Goal Tracking, Daily Motivation, Habit Tracker, Productivity Tools, Fotness Challenge, 90 Day Challenge, Better HabitsToday on the podcast we’re talking about triggering massive action. What does that mean? It means we need to expand our vision. The amount and longevity of effort that it will take to do something great will not be inspired by boring average goals. We need to look beyond what most people would see as rational to find something that gets our blood boiling. Not only does a goal have to spark our interest, but it has to hold it too. It also needs to be big enough that it forces us to step up our efforts in order to attain it. We can’t take inconsistent, slightly-above-average actions and expect to create it. We’ll have to charge massively at it with an uncommon focus, attitude and intensity. Even with this though, if you tear after your pie-in-the-sky goal, there’s no guarantee you’ll achieve it. But here’s the payout: Even if you don’t, you’ll probably get close or even end up someplace better that you could never have foreseen beforehand. Maybe not something beyond your vision, yet still out of your vision. A tangent or off-shoot to your original target. The guarantee is that the tearing-after-it that you have to do in pursuit of this goal is sure to create something great in your life.

Another very important aspect to this is that we need to believe. It doesn’t need to be practical to anyone else, but it does need to be to us. Because if we don’t even think we’ve got a real shot at this, then when things get tough as they inevitably will, we’ll be outta there chasing the next shiny new object. So it has to be something that’s believable, that you can see yourself capable of accomplishing. Here’s the trap though. It doesn’t need to be and in fact can’t be limited to something that the person you are today is capable of. It needs to go well beyond that. Like Grant Cardone says, it needs to be 10x’d. Your goal needs to be expanded to something only the future you can attain. How good could you get? If you learned, grew, developed and tapped in to your true potential, who could you be? What would the best version of yourself be capable of? That’s gotta be the target. That will inspire massive action.

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