Self Coaching, Goal Tracking, Daily Motivation, Habit Tracker, Productivity Tools, Fotness Challenge, 90 Day Challenge, Better HabitsWill there be another first time Champion? Will girgis defend her crown? Will YOU ever get “beyond the feel-good” of warm fuzzy Facebook posts, inspirational tweets and life-coaching blogs to finally start taking ACTION!? It is mind boggling to me how many people are searching google for help in their life or who listen to personal development podcasts (including the PropelDay Podcast) and still won’t take the necessary action for long enough to create any real change. That sounds like torture. Why would anyone do that to themselves? If you’re not willing to fight for that better life you think you want, stop pretending you want it. It’s okay to not want it. It’s fine to just appreciate what you have now and live on the mantra that “what you have is enough”. But you’re going to drive yourself and the people around you mad if you stay in this middle zone of conflicting desires. The desire to want more while also desiring to avoid risk, be lazy and find the easy way. Stop it! Either step up or step back. You can be happy either way.

If you really are ready to create positive change in your life though, if you’re sick and tired of being less than the person you know you could be, the SEASON 8 PropelDay CHALLENGE is a great place to start. Appreciate the gifts you’ve been given while also striving for more with an empowered community doing the same. Opening day is MONDAY OCTOBER 12th, but last day of SIGN-UPS are SATURDAY. Sign-Up or Learn More!