Better Habits, Building Better Habits, Goal Tracking, Self Coaching, Daily Motivation, Productivity Tools, 90 Day ChallengeAlright, back on track. Woke up at 5:55 this morning in spite of making the extremely poor decision of not getting to bed until midnight. When I was on my streak of getting up before 6 everyday, especially when all this started 26 days ago, I was very motivated to get to bed early. In fact, until just recently, I hadn’t been up much later than 10pm. Like I’ve mentioned before, that is the horse before the carriage as pertaining to this goal. It’s the trigger. I can get away with staying up late once in awhile, but in the long run I know it’ll destroy any shot of making this a habit. What are the triggers of your habits? What action might come before the specific thing you’re wanting to become a habit? What would either set up or sabotage your plans of developing this new habit? Find your trigger. And then do a better job than I did last night of doing it.

Each new day is another chance to get it right. This morning I did get it right and tonight I will. I’m already excited about the opportunity to do so. Habits are nothing but repeated good decisions and when I blow the opportunity of making a good one, I almost immediately focus on the next time I’ll be able to choose better. I look forward in eager anticipation for the opportunity to get back on track. And each and every day that I’m lucky enough to wake up serves as another one of these opportunities. We should all be full of gratitude for this reality that we’ve been given.

The light is barely beginning to show outside and I’ve already read a couple pages from a good self-development book, written my goals and posted this blog. It’s a good day.

I’l talk to you again tomorrow before sunrise! :  )

***In case you missed it, you can read about the first 22 days of this habit at